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Rustica bedroom

Collection elements: Rustica bed | Rustica dresser I | Rustica dresser II | Rustica bedside cabinet | Rustica dressing table

Our collection

Rustica Collection is the best option for those who appreciate authenticity and originality in interior styling. Each piece of wood is carefully selected, professional grinding and coating brings the beautiful color.

Rich experience, proven materials and careful, handwork allows us to give you as much as 3 years of guarantee for all of our products.

Rustica bed:


Your rustic bed made entirely of high quality solid oak wood.

Your new wooden bed in available in several colors to choose.

You will get for free a wooden frame for your new bed.

New oak wood bed will be made strictly according to your expectations.

No matter what size of bed you choose, the price will be the same.

Recommended size:

Height at the highest point of 85 cm

Height: 45 cm

Overall width: 182 cm

Overall Length: 223 cm

The dimensions of the mattress: 160 cm x 200 cm
*Dimensions approximate


Rustica dresser I:


Your new, original oak dresser is made from top quality https://pilloleitalia.net/ selectednoble oak wood.

The biggest dresser produced by us has drawers and doors - all equipped with proven systems such as qiuet closing.

It will be a perfect match for a bedroom, hall, or a living room.

Any dresser configuration is available, it can be tailored to your individual needs.

The wooden dresser is available in several colour variants.

Recommended size:

Width: 190cm

Height: 120cm

Depth: 50cm


Rustica dresser II:


Unique dresser we will made especially for you from top quality wood. It will add character to every room of your home.

It is a perfect match for a bedroom, hall, living room, or even bathroom.

Any dresser configuration is available, it can be tailored to your individual needs.

Your new dresser will be equipped with systems of quiet closing.

The wooden dresser is available in several colour variants.

Recommended size:

Width: 150cm

Height: 85cm

Depth: 45cm


Rustica bedside cabinet:


Your new bedside tables are made from the noblest material, 100% solid oak wood, with care for the smallest details, to guarantee durability and comfort for many years.

It is equipped with modern quiet close systems providing hight comfort of use.

Any cabinet configuration and colour is available, we will tailor it to your needs with pleasure.

We can make bedside tables with two or three drawers or a drawer and doors.

Recommended size:

Length: 50cm

Height: 50cm

Depth: 42cm


Rustica dressing table:


Your new wooden dressing table is a bedroom element that will enliven its layout.

Dressing table is made of high quality oak wood and available in several color variations - its the perfect solution for women who appreciate comfort and originality.

The dressing table is offered with a small and comfortable matching stool.

We can make dressing table in any size and configuration especially for you.

Recommended size:

Total height: 150cm

Width: 120cm

Depth: 50cm




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