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Rustica fronts

Our collection

Rustica Collection is the best option for those who appreciate authenticity and originality in interior styling. Each piece of wood is carefully selected, professional grinding and coating brings the beautiful color.

Rich experience, proven materials and careful, handwork allows us to give you as much as 3 years of guarantee for all of our products.


Fronts, worktops and supplementary elements are hand made from solid oak wood.

Carefully sanded, dyed and varnished with top quality materials.

Every front is tailor-made to match the design of your ideal piece of furniture.

Any boarding colour and combination is available.

All sizes and colours are available at one price.

Fronts Built-in appliances also are available.

Based on many years of experience in designing and making unique furniture we provide professional support and assembly.

All products have a hygienic certificate.


The thickness of the fronts: 19 mm

The length of fronts: to 2900 mm

Door width: any

Width drawers: up to 350 mm

The thickness of the tops: 40 mm

The length of tops (without connecting in length): 2900 mm

Width countertops: any

Width tops Standard: 610 mm




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We provide precise installation, professional service and advice on the choice of the best solutions.

We offer a broad range of furniture products and services.

We perform also non-standard orders that meet individual needs of our clients.

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